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Creating an authentic, balanced life.

Beginning right now, just as you are.


“The only journey is the one within.” Rainer Maria Wilke

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What are women saying about the book?

“I will tell you, I am extremely bitter about all the past failed relationships, mostly my marriages and the failed engagement. You don’t mourn each breakup alone, you mourn all of them. Each time you go through one, it is compounded by the past ones. I’ve known what I need and what I need to do….it’s very difficult to get there by yourself when you’re digging yourself out of financial holes created from a marriage. I’m a fighter so obviously I’m working on it but I get discouraged at times. I’m looking forward to reading your book because just that short excerpt I read made me feel like I can overcome this a lot sooner than I anticipate.” -Sharon, Texas

“Aww, it made me cry; was it supposed to do that?” -Joei, North Dakota

“Autumn, you have a charismatic way of making others feel like you are reaching them personally even in a crowd. You give 100% of yourself in all you do, & my genuine opinion this will be such a treasure for those who don’t speak up for themselves.” -Judy, Texas

“My son kept asking who I was talking to, because I kept saying ‘Yes!’ and ‘That’s so true!’  I love this…and I love that these are the exact same things I find myself telling grieving friends. I am so excited to read the rest of your book…and be able to give it others.” -Krysten, Texas