Art. Imagination. Play. Connection.

How do we begin to connect and understand love in its realest, truest, purest form?

I wanted to create a space for a tribe of wild, bare-foot, bare-souled lovers of Art and Earth. This is a space for learning the importance of connection and creativity- from exploring a creative project, to understanding the power of a tiny seed, to taking care of the people in our communities, to embracing the sun that energizes everything it touches. You may think you are not the “creative type,” but really, you are- we all are! It’s just a matter of allowing yourself the freedom to discover where your gifts are the strongest and having the bravery to explore your own unique path. 

Here, you will find articles, stories, resources, project inspiration, art, and steps in my personal journey to unite a strong tribe of bare-foot, bare-souled people whose mission is to learn, create, live, love, and serve each other, embracing our different perspectives and choices, while living in harmony with Earth and all of its inhabitants.

So kick off your shoes, check out my art, and be inspired.

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